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Description of Services

We help medical offices to optimize coding, billing, and quality of care. Conducting coding audits we are able to fix inaccuracies and issues before they cause major issues.

Optimize Coding and Billing

Identify and educate on any problem areas found in coding. Our audit will help prevent insurance or government agencies from retracting money for inappropriate coding practices.
● We help protect against audits from RACs or ZPICs
● We help identify under and over-coding
● We help correct poor coding habits
● We help with education on proper billing for documented procedures

Review for Fraudulent Claims

Our audits protect against fraudulent claims and billing by identifying outlier information that deviates from national averages due to inappropriate coding, insufficient documentation or loss of revenue.

Discovering variances can drastically reduce fraudulent claims, keeping your practice compliant while saving efforts and resources.

Review for Inaccurate Coding Trends

Determining Inaccurate Coding Trends

● Opportunities to improve financial and data-quality goals
● Improved billing integrity through optimized front-end and back-end processes
● Accurate performance chart audits with detail rationales

Review for Coding Risks

We will assess current coding to:

● Review all compliance regulations
● Review and avoid missed revenue opportunities and coding accuracy
● Review and minimizing compliance risk by reviewing proper documentation

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